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First I would like to thank everyone at CU's Sports Medicine for having a professional, kind, and understanding approach in patient care.

Dr. Rachel Frank MD is a knowledgeable professional surgeon, who takes pride in her work and it shows. She is upbeat, happy, and confident in her practice, which seems to rub off on her staff, and others around her.

I would have no problem in recommending DR. Frank to any of my family or friends.

The office and staff created a safe and clean environment during Covid19.

Mark D(May, 2021)

Dr. Frank and her team go above and beyond in every single way. I've never experienced such genuine care from a doctor (and Dr. Frank's PA and team) before. Dr. Frank worked with me on multiple nonoperative solutions and didn't pressure me to pursue surgery. And even when I did go the surgery route, Dr. Frank made it a calm and easy experience. Dr. Frank truly goes above and beyond for her patients with personal calls, emails - whatever you need. I cannot recommend Dr. Frank enough!


Skiing post ACLR

When I tore my ACL it was devastating. Skiing is one of my passions and one of the reasons I moved to Colorado. Despite sustaining an unfortunate injury on the slopes, my luck changed when I connected with Dr. Frank. Dr. Frank is one of the most caring, compassionate and skilled doctors I have ever worked with. She was available to me at all hours, providing feedback and reassurance via text and phone, and fit me into her surgery schedule as expediently as possible. Dr. Frank recommended a cadaver graft and her work was impeccable. Nine months later I am back on the slopes, skiing with strength and confidence in my knee. I'd highly recommend Dr. Frank and her team to anyone that requires surgery with the goal of returning to sport. Thanks Dr. Frank and think snow!

Sam B(February, 2021)

Dr. Rachel Frank is a superb physician and I am so grateful to her for repairing my shoulder. She heard my concerns, answered my questions and instilled confidence in me that my complex shoulder surgery would be successful. She has built a remarkable team centered around Kevin Shinsako PA-C and brought up-to-the-minute knowledge and technology to the OR. Her remarkable surgical skills have repaired my shoulder and given me back a shot at staying strong and pursuing my life without pain and weakness. Thank You Dr. Frank!!

Donald D(September, 2020)

I'm a senior clydesdale triathlete with lots of miles on me. Earlier this year, I tore my medial meniscus. In spite of the pandemic, I was able to get an appt with Dr. Frank, and she was able to "do her magic". After 7 weeks of PT, I'm back out on the road - pain free. Dr. Frank did a great job - I'm really pleased with everything she did. She explained everything well, did what she said she would do and it turned out like she said it would. I trust her and would go to her again, but hopefully not too soon.

Michael S(August, 2020)

When it comes to the medical community and specifically ACL reconstruction, Dr. Frank and her team are the mid-90 Chicago Bulls. I am ~2 months post ACL reconstructive surgery and I am confident there is no better team in this region. I am extremely grateful to have linked up with Dr. Frank and am well on the path to recovery.

One of my biggest regrets across this entire experience was not seeing Dr. Frank first and making the mistake of rushing to the first available doctor I could find after the injury. From the minute I saw Dr. Frank, everything began to change for the better. Her entire team was welcoming, empathetic and understanding from the start. This culture extends from the personnel that check you in and take your personal information up front, to the assistants running their initial screenings, to the x-ray technicians all the way to Dr. Frank. I was in the hands of single team working and collaborating together and prepared to fix me. They tried to make me feel comfortable and help guide me along the process to the best of their capabilities. When they confirmed my ACL was torn, they immediately began to frame the next steps for what initially felt like an overwhelming journey ahead. They challenged me to strengthen my knee before the operation and continue to go to the gym (with limitations of course). Dr. Frank and her team were extremely communicative from Day 1 and even offered their personal contact information.

I will be the first to admit, I am not an easy patient. There was a lot of anxiety and self-pity in preparing for the surgery, but I cannot say it enough how much Dr. Frank and her team helped to properly guide me. I wanted to push the surgery off as long as possible, but they all had the foresight to get this thing taken care of before the COVID shut down the medical community. Thankfully and only because of their recommendations, I was able to get my surgery a few days before elective surgeries were postponed.

Dr. Frank and her team linked me up with the correct folks and helped right-size my mindset leading up to the operation. Dr. Frank continually gave me the confidence I needed to get through this and motivated me that this was only a “speed bump” in the course of life. On the day of the surgery and in the pre operation room, I will always remember Dr. Frank and Kevin taking the time to speak to me and prepare me for the final steps. In a room full of people that I did not trust or know, they took the time out of their morning pre – operation to help me. In the immediate days following the surgery, both Dr. Frank and Kevin stayed in touch, monitoring my well-being and progress. I never felt alone throughout his process and always had my questions answered.

Dr. Frank encouraged me before the surgery to schedule physical therapy a few days after the surgery. While I was reluctant at first and even tried to get out of it the first physical therapy session, I am so happy I started when I did. Physical therapy has by no means been easy, but I needed that trusted person pushing me to make the right decisions in this experience. I am thrilled with my progress today.

After the surgery and throughout the COVID madness, they have stayed in touch to ensure that am continuing to progress. I have never doubted I am in the best hands available and would encourage anyone to go through Dr. Frank and her team if you have experienced an applicable injury.

I understand this is probably wordy for a review, but it does not even feel that way. I could go on for days about my respect, trust and admiration for this team. If you are serious about putting yourself back together in the best way possible, this is the only team.

Ryan Y(April, 2020)

Meeting Dr. Frank was a blessing for me. After receiving consults with numerous knee specialists, I felt Dr. Frank took the time to go through all options available to me, even outside the norm options. We talked through the pros and cons of each, talked about the success and failure rate of each option and how each would impact me 5 years, 10 years, 20 years later. Dr. Frank made sure I had all the information I needed that allowed me to make the right decision that was best for my well-being.

Dr. Frank and her staff have been nothing short of amazing. I would highly recommend her to family, friends, and strangers!

Justin H(April, 2020)

Thank you Dr. Frank - Recovered from Knee Surgery

JM (7 months after ACL reconstruction surgery)

JM (7 months after ACL reconstruction surgery)

Dr. Rachel Frank, in our opinion, is among the very best doctors our family has ever had the pleasure of working with. We've had four knee surgeries in the last 10 years, so we've had lots of recent experiences with doctors. What sets Dr. Frank apart is that she truly cares. She is invested in her patients, and it shows in every interaction that we've had with her.

When Jeremy had his first knee surgery from a basketball injury, she took the time to explain the whole procedure from start to finish, in great detail, with no questions left unanswered. There was never a feeling of being rushed, and she did an exceptional job of managing our expectations. She sincerely understood the concerns that we, as parents, had about Jeremy going into the operating room. Her confidence and honest approach to the unique injury allowed us to make calm and informative decisions.

After Jeremy came out of surgery, Dr. Frank provided us her cell phone number. She checked in every morning and evening--every day, for two weeks. She told us that we could call her at any time if there was a problem with Jeremy. Just knowing that meant so much. Talk about bedside manner, Wow!

Dr. Frank encouraged Jeremy to work hard on his recovery. She put a lot of emphasis on rehab. During the follow-up appointments, she was always thorough in her advice, and we never felt she was in a hurry. When Jeremy had his second surgery, to remove the screws, his goal was to walk without crutches at his junior prom. She rearranged her surgery schedule so that Jeremy would have enough time to go to physical therapy to accomplish his goal. Amazing!

We would highly recommend Dr. Frank to anyone expecting a Surgeon, who has good common sense, is warm, intelligent, and highly qualified. In these times of impersonal, cookie-cutter service and medical/insurance indifferences to the human side of patient care.....We believe Dr. Rachel Frank displays the qualities, and expertise that makes a difference in peoples lives.

Janie & Jon L (June, 2019)

I am incredibly grateful to have been a patient of Dr. Frank; I only wish I could give her more than 5 stars. She is knowledgeable, thorough and professional, and a fantastic person through and through. As a surgeon, she is compassionate, meticulous and takes great pride in her work. I had a torn meniscus; the doctor who I had seen wanted me to wait 2 weeks just to go over my MRI results, but then I found Dr. Frank. Dr. Frank understood the urgency and agreed to see me immediately. She made it a point to schedule surgery right away, and explained everything in detail so I understood exactly what the situation was and what would happen. After the surgery, she personally called me that night and again the following morning to make sure that everything was okay. I cannot imagine a better or more caring surgeon. If it weren’t for Dr. Frank, I honestly don’t think my meniscus would have been able to be repaired. I feel so fortunate to have found Dr. Frank; I have had nothing but the utmost confidence in her since day one and would recommend her wholeheartedly.

Jillian A (Nov, 2018)

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